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About Martin

Hi guys!

My name is Martin. I’m originally from Michigan in the US. I have lived in Japan for the last four years. I started out mostly teaching English and gradually shifted to translating Japanese online. I have worked in real estate in Tokyo as a broker and for the last two years have worked as a full time Japanese translator and interpreter. Now I am making a transition into freelance work again and will be working on my website,, which I just started.

I was really fortunate to come across Niko online. I literally had just got my blog off the ground and so meeting him at this time was quite eye opening for me. Seeing Niko who is a guy that is living my dream –translating online and building online businesses while traveling the world- has really motivated me. I will be writing on his blogs and I hope that our combined experience in learning languages such as Japanese and Spanish and working online can help you with your language and career goals as well.