How to Really, Truly Learn Japanese

Does Studying Japanese Through Anime Work?

An Air-Tight System for Mastering Japanese
"I just wanted to say--thank you so much for setting up this e-course
I've wanted to learn Japanese for a while now, but I wasn't entirely sure how to get started properly until I read these."
-Rachel A.
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  • Poorni.

    hey hi.. I would like to do this course.. I have given my email ID but i am not getting any instructions//

  • Hi Poorni,

    Thank you for commenting. You didn’t get a confirmation email? That’s strange. Did you check your spam folder?

  • Mic Quinn Sawatzky

    hey niko, i had the same problem, and i checked my junk box and there was nothing there either

  • Hi Mic, Thank you for commenting. I looked on the mail manager service that I use, and it says that you have signed up, bu that you haven’t opened the welcome email yet. Then again, I’m trying to recreate the same conditions using my email address, and I’m not getting the course. It cold be happening if this is not your first time signing up. I’m really sorry for the trouble.

  • Mic Quinn Sawatzky

    thats ok, im just glad there is something like this i can use to learn japanese lol. i opened the welcome email tho. how else do you think i could get it?

  • Mic Quinn Sawatzky

    there was also a link to the 7 day course tho. i just saw that, but it wasnt in the email. ill just use that 😀 thank you so much dude, i really appreciate this

  • I contacted customer support for my email service provider, and they said that you were sent the 7-day course emails. It sounds like maybe you’re getting them now? If not, please email me at niko [at] nihongoshark.com

  • Brianna Coon

    it went right to my spam folder. I found it though

  • Hi Brianna,

    Thanks for commenting! I’m glad to hear that you received the course.

    I’m not sure why the email goes to some people’s spam folders. I suppose that everyone’s email addresses have different criteria for determining what is spam and what isn’t.

    Anyways, good luck with your Japanese studies! ^_^

  • Jasmin Callaway

    I can’t wait! I’m very passionate about learning japanese

  • I hope you enjoy the course ^_^

  • Jasmin Callaway


  • Poorni.

    yeah.. I checked the spam folder too but unfortunately, I have not received it yet. Could you please resent it? And sorry for the late reply.

  • hanasaki

    thanks a lot for your hard work! i (we all) really appreciate it

  • Julrond Paalisbo

    I’m really excited to learn Japanese,..
    I’m learn this all the time until I found out this site.

  • satwik sinha

    hello sir i have tried 3 times but i am not able to get any email

  • That is seriously strange… Try this link: http://courses.nihongoshark.com/courses/how-to-learn-japanese-in-1-year

    It’s the same course but at our school’s website instead.

    Let me know if you’re able to sign up!

  • Jenny

    Hi guys is this so helpfull for n4?

  • Hi Jenny,

    If you’re looking for grammar lessons specifically, we are covering JLPT topics right now in our free daily lessons: https://nihongoshark.com/daily-lessons/

    The signup link above, though, is for learning *how* to learn Japanese–that is, setting up an appropriate study system and choosing the right materials; utilizing the correct resources effectively, and just trying to save time, money, and heartache in general on the journey to fluency. ^^