Seeing as how they give me free, unlimited access, this month I’ve been playing around with FluentU’s new Japanese app.

I’ve gotta say–it’s pretty cool, and it’s a great supplement to their site, which is probably the best way I know of to study Japanese through videos. You can see my full review of FluentU here.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review001

One thing that I really liked about FluentU’s app is that it works so smoothly. Usually when I get beta access to a new app, it’s clunky and annoying. But I was pleasantly surprised by how streamlined this was.

(Note: I tested this app with Rei’s iPhone 6. I haven’t had a chance to look at it with other devices just yet.)

A Nice, Clean Video App for Studying Japanese

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review002

There was also a nice, informative tutorial right when I opened the app. So it was pretty easy getting started.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review003

The major draw of FluentU is that they use real-world videos. More importantly, they present them in a way that melts your brain 200% less than usual.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review004

This is because it’s super easy to look up words on the fly as you watch a video.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review005

They also have quizzes and examples, which I’ll talk about a little later.

A Rapidly Growing Database of Japanese Content
FluentU Japanese App and Site Review007

When I reviewed FluentU about six months ago, they did not have nearly as many videos. I’m happy to say that their lesson database seems to be growing daily.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review017

I love how the video stops when you need to look up words.

They also have…

Intuitive Flashcard Interface
FluentU Japanese App and Site Review016

To be honest, I’ve never been big on quizzes for any program. About a year ago, I tried to use DuoLingo for Spanish, and I wasn’t really a fan. I mean, yeah, it’s useful, but usually worrying about each and every mistake I make isn’t even worth my time.

Specifically, I’m talking about using technology to improve production ability, which I’ve never been a fan of. While a computer an be an awesome tool for boosting your understanding of a language over time (especially stuff like increasing listening comprehension), when it comes to producing the language, there’s no real substitute for face-to-face language action, which you can get for super-cheap on sites like italki.

In that screenshot above, the app can tell me the correct answer, but there is also a lot being missed–for one, the fact that you’re not likely to ever hear the use of ~氏  (~shi) as “Mr.” in spoken Japanese.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review014

That said, it was still pretty fun playing with FluentU’s flashcard system, which is one of the better ones I’ve ever encountered.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review

The real gem is the videos, which are actually a lot of fun to watch.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review (36)

Also, if you’re totally set on using the flashcard system, I’m happy to announce that the input question were no problem (something that drove me crazy when using Duolingo).

So entering answers in romaji, as above, is no problem. And you can even get crazy and enter the full kanji:

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review (35)

I also like how they have multimedia for virtually every aspect of the language–videos for sentences, pictures for vocab words. Awesome.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review (26)

The audio for the example sentences is still auto-generated, which can sound pretty robotic for Japanese. But that’s not FluentU‘s fault. Google Translate has the same problem, after all. Well, Google Translate has a lot of problems.

I mean, unless they wanted to go above and beyond by hiring native speakers to read all of these sentences out loud for us. That’d be incredible (*wink-wink*).

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review (29)

Another nice option is the ability to organize flashcards:

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review (22)

Personally, I’m so heavily invested in Anki (using them for kanji, using them for anime, using them for all of the Japanese study resources that I use) that there’s no way I could start doing flashcards on another system.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review (19)

But there might be some out there interested in giving it a go.

A cool bonus is that the flashcards integrate with your video watching history, so there are some really awesome options for searing content into your brain.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review (18)

All in all, there is a ton of Japanese content here, and that’s what I really like about FluentU. They have a lot of well-structured content that, while being fun, is still a productive use of your study time.

You learn about 1,000 times more than watching YouTube while being about 1,000 times less bored than watching your average Japanese video lesson.

FluentU Japanese App and Site Review012

I’m excited to see what else FluentU has in store for us in the future.

Mastering Japanese Like a Boss-Status Ninja

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Anyways, good luck with your studies!



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