If you translated wo megutte directly into English, it would mean “concerning; with regard to; about.” But a literal definition doesn’t really help when trying to use wo megutte properly in Japanese.


wo megutte / をめぐって

A few days ago we had a post about ni kanshite. Wo megutte, really, means just about the same thing, only it tends to only be used when discussing disputes, rumors, arguments, etc.

It’s sort of similar to the way we use the word “over” in English when saying, “They fought over the last slice of pizza.”

Similarly, it works for sentences like, “They argued about the election.”

Example Sentences / 例文

The children fought over the toy.

The rumor of his affair spread throughout the school.
(lit. The rumor about him having an affair spread throughout the school.)

Grammar Formation

Wo megutte only ever comes after a noun.

Noun + をめぐって (or をめぐり)

Noun + をめぐる + Noun

Examples of both of these formations are above. The second formation is what is used when wo meguru is part of a noun phrase, such as “彼の浮気をめぐるうわさ (the rumor about him having an affair),” shown above.

What I’m Not Sure About

Wo megutte, for the most part, seems like a pretty straightforward construction.

I’ve only ever seen it written with kana, but the Jisho.org entry leads me to believe that it can be written with kanji, as well. They have a few options, but I’m not sure which one would be appropriate.

The JGram listing of wo megutte, uses the kanji: を巡って, and I guess that’s the kanji I would guess too, if I had to.

Take a look at the Jisho.org entry, then let us know if you know which usage is correct, please?

Them’s Fighting Words

Since today’s post was a little short, I thought I’d also include a short and random vocab list of “things people like to fight about.”

日本語 English Jisho.org Entry
おもちゃ toy Jisho.org
ピザ pizza Jisho.org
選挙 election (e.g. for a government post) Jisho.org
宗教 religion Jisho.org
権利 right (e.g. women’s rights); privelege Jisho.org
同性結婚 same-sex marriage; gay marriage Jisho.org
教育 education Jisho.org
議論 argument; discussion; dispute Jisho.org

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