Can I learn Japanese?

No, you can’t! It’s impossible!

...might be what your mom, friends, and wallet all tell you. But those who have completed the free course below tell a different story...

how to learn Japanese
How to start.

What should you do first if your goal is to master Japanese?

How to study.

What tools and study tactics should you avoid? How can you avoid wasting your time and money?

How to ninja.

Where can you purchase the sharpest ninja stars? How can you learn the dark arts of assassination, sarcasm, and time management?

From Fellow Students

The Japanese Writing System

...can be intimidating. Also, fascinating.
This free course makes it a lot easier:

Learn to read it.

See a word like うどん and know it says "udon."

Learn to write it.

Know how to write words like うどん by hand.

Learn to pronounce it.

Master native-like pronunciation for words like うどん.
(Udon is a type of food, btw.)

how to learn to read and pronounce Japanese

What if I'm serious about obtaining high-level fluency in Japanese?

Here's The Best We Have To Offer

The courses mentioned above are free. This one is not. (Sorry, broke students, but we have to eat, too!)

Level Up Your Japanese

A comprehensive approach to mastering the Japanese language.

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Everything Else

The courses above are just the tip of the iceberg. We have all kinds of other Japanese goodness:

Sweet Articles

Japanese Tips, Living in Japan, Inspiration, etc.

Need help with Kanji? Wondering how to move to Japan? Is it "senpai" or "sempai"? All that and much, much more :D

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Store for J-Nerds

Japanese Merch!

Nerd-approved T-shirts, tote bags, notebooks, and more.

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Visual Language Stimulation

Photos from our travels in Japan, Kanji in order of frequency, vocab, etc.

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